Product Roadmap

This document covers the detail of OAK, TUR, NEU network roadmap


  • Event Registry Proof of Concept

1Q2022 - Turing Network Launch

  • OAK Website Design Rebrand
  • Kusama crowdloan for Turing (TUR) Network parachain
  • Neumann Testnet Launch
    • Neumann is a parachain version of the forenamed “OAK Testnet” in the PolkadotJS App
  • Turing Network Launch
    • Event Registry
    • Triggers: time
    • Actions: transaction within TUR

2Q2022 - Automation Platform

  • Turing Automation Dashboard
  • Turing Private tasks proof of concept
  • Polkadot crowdloan for Turing (TUR) Network parachain
  • Fully decentralize Turing Network
    • Enable governance
    • Remove sudo
  • Turing Network Features
    • Private tasks
    • Triggers: price, XCMP events
    • Actions: cross-chain asset transfer, limit order, stop-loss orders

3Q2022 - OAK Network Launch (Production)

  • Turing Payroll Portal
  • Turing Private tasks pilot
  • OAK Automation Dashboard
  • Network Features
    • Triggers: smart contracts
    • Actions: smart contracts


  • Fully decentralize OAK Network
  • Dapplets Marketplace
  • Metamask App
  • Private tasks on OAK
  • Network Features
    • Triggers: external data feed (weather, etc.)
    • Actions: IoT actions

Core Features