Use Multi-signature Wallet

Learn more about how to create and use multi-sig wallets


The multi-sig wallet is a multi-person collaborative wallet. When a participant launches a transaction proposal from the wallet, other participants are required to sign the proposal. The transaction will only be executed when the number of signatures reaches the threshold.


  1. Head over to the Turing Staging PolkadotJS App or Turing PolkadotJS App
  2. Go to the Accounts > My accounts

Create multisig wallet

  1. Click the multisig button in the account UI.


  2. Please select the participants(Order insensitive) of the multisig wallet and set the threshold.


    As in the example above, this multisig wallet has 3 participants. The threshold is 2, which means that a transaction needs to be signed by 2 participants to be valid.

    Click the “create” button and You get a multisig wallet.


Authorize transaction

  1. When you send extrinsic using a multisig wallet, you need to authorize it.

    Note: Be sure to save the multisig call data and call hash. Send them to other participants.


  2. Other participants will receive multisig approval notification on the UI. He can approve this approval.


  3. Check pending hashes and paste multisig call data into call data for final approval textbox.



  4. When the number of Approves reaches a threshold, this extrinsic is executed on-chain.

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