Set up Identity

This document covers the steps of setting up on-chain identity for your account

Set on-chain Identity

For better collaboration, we strongly suggest each developer to set up an identity on OAK Network. Here is how.

Set Identity

On polkadot.js apps page, select the “Accounts” tab and select “Set on-chain identity” with your account as shown below.


Enter your identity information and click the “Set Identity” button.


After the transaction is confirmed, there will be a gray minus sign to the left of the account name, indicating that the account has been authenticated but has not yet passed the review.

Request Judegement

Use your account to send a “requestJudgement” transaction. Select “Developer” -> “Extrinsics”, then call the “requestJudgement” method in the “identity” module, specify the Bob account, enter the corresponding information (here RegistrarIndex is entered as 0(index of Alice), and max_fee is entered as 100), then sign and submit the transaction.


Waiting for the request to be approved

You can ask registar to review your request in OAK Discord room.

After the transaction is confirmed, you can see a green symbol on the left side of the your address, indicating that the identity verification is approved.