About OAK Network

Web3's hub for cross-chain automation.

OAK Network is Web3’s hub for cross-chain automation, enabling multi-chain apps to schedule and automate any substrate extrinsic or EVM smart contract function. OAK is built to deliver trustless automation, dedicating its block space and optimizing gas to store, trigger, and execute transactions to connected blockchains.

OAK’s automation combines off-chain data streams with event-driven execution to automatically execute any transaction or smart contract function. Cross-consensus messaging (XCM) enables OAK to not only automate transactions on OAK, but also on any connected blockchains without tokens or private keys ever touching OAK. OAK’s trustless automation unlocks rich user experiences including scheduled and recurring payments, stable-cost-averaging, stop loss orders, and automatically-compounding rewards for staking, liquidity pool participants, and money market deposits.

As a layer one blockchain, OAK provides automation infrastructure that enables decentralized applications to automate single or recurring transactions using a simple “if this” condition and “then that” transaction instruction.



To enable seamless, trustless and secure automation for Web3.


For the everyday consumer to take decentralized automation for granted.


  • Layer 1 powered by Substrate
  • Decentralized, on-chain event listener and registry
  • Cross-chain transaction execution via XCMP, EVM-compatible partners & bridges

How we’re different

No more wrapped asset

Assets are supported by the chain and no longer needs to tie up with one smart contract.

One-to-many distribution

OAK VM supports the capability of sending to multiple addresses with one transaction.

Eliminate off-chain servers

Repetitive transactions can be triggered by on-chain event module.

No private key custody

Set up once, and the transaction can be triggered on-chain, care-free.

Chain-level security

Different from EVM smart contracts, many core utility functions are secured by the network.

Native upgradability

Based on Substrate, OAK Network will constantly evolve with forkless runtime upgrade.

Time-based guarantees for execution

Users can rest assured that their event will execute at a certain time with a specific margin.

Updates and Roadmap

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