Token Faucet

This document explains the steps to acquire test tokens from the Neumann (NEU) testnet

We have set up an automatic process for test token dispensing via Discord Bot. 100 OAK test tokens can be retrieved by each Discord user every 24 hours. Here’s the how.

  1. Join our Discord Server.
  2. Navigate to the #oak-testnet-faucet channel.
  3. Enter below text in the channel to receive token with a wallet address.
     !drip <NEU_testnet_address>

    for example,

     !drip 5DX3e6rFJS5T23Wh1dnuqoB4rrMCXf4KxGchSbFmJytVVaSR

    Besides, if you want to view more options for the Discord Bot, type


    Note that each Discord user or target wallet address can only !drip once every 24 hours. If you need more testnet tokens please reach out to us through Contact Us.

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