Pallets & Modules

This document covers the specifications of OAK testnet

Source code

The source code of OAK’s testnet is hosted on OAK Network’s Github.

Core modules

The major pallets are as follows

  • Automation Time - our core automation for time triggers

  • Valve - our shutoff valve for all-or-nothing extrinsics and gates for each pallet

  • System - core substrate functionality

  • Timestamp - timestamp runtime oracle

  • Session - authority session keys management

  • BABE - block producing consensus engine

  • Indices - account indexing engine

  • Balances - native asset operations

  • RandomnessCollectiveFlip - random number generator

  • Contracts - smart contract support

  • Sudo - superuser actions

Governance modules

  • Democracy - The public referenda chamber is a on-chain governance. Public referenda can be proposed and voted on by any token holder in the system as long as they provide a bond.

  • Council - The council is an elected body of on-chain accounts that are intended to represent the passive stakeholders of Polkadot and/or Kusama.

  • Treasury - The Treasury is a pot of funds collected through transaction fees, slashing, staking inefficiencies, etc.

  • Bounties - Bounties Spending proposals aim to delegate the curation activity of spending proposals to experts called Curators: They can be defined as addresses with agency over a portion of the Treasury with the goal of fixing a bug or vulnerability, developing a strategy, or monitoring a set of tasks related to a specific topic: all for the benefit of the Polkadot ecosystem.

  • TechnicalCommittee - The Technical Committee can, along with the Council, produce emergency referenda, which are fast-tracked for voting and implementation. These are used for emergency bug fixes, or rapid implementation of new but battle-tested features into the runtime.

Funding modules

  • Quadratic Funding - A crowdfund matching mechanism for public goods

JS SDK - Time Triggers
Pallet Development

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