Core Features

This document highlights the core features of OAK blockchain

Compared to the incumbent, OAK Network is built in a way that it’s fundamentally different from today’s norm of blockchains. We are looking far ahead in the future and creating a cutting-edge blockchain for the next three to five years. The core features and advantages include,

No more wrapped asset

Assets are supported by the chain and no longer needs to tie up with one smart contract.

One-to-many distribution

OAK VM supports the capability of sending to multiple addresses with one transaction.

Eliminate off-chain servers

Repetitive transactions can be triggered by on-chain event module.

No private key custody

Set up once, and the transaction can be triggered on-chain, care-free.

Chain-level security

Different from EVM smart contracts, many core utility functions are secured by the network.

Native upgradability

Based on Substrate, OAK Network will constantly evolve with on-chain runtime upgrade.

Product Roadmap
Node Operator Requirements