Ways to Contribute

This document covers the setup and options of theme feature described in the doc title

General feedback

The best way to provide a general feedback is to leave a message on our Twitter, or chat with us in Discord channel.

Currently there is no set program from general feedback rewarding, but we will reward great feedback and ideas in OAK tokens.

Social influencers

If you are a social influencer and would like to spread the word for OAK Network, feel free to shoot us an email at contact@oak.tech. We will respond within 12 hours.


We welcome all development effort to help build the OAK Network. As a developer, the best way to interact is to create an issue in any of OAK Network’s Github repo.

Besides, our Bug Bounty program is always running and valid. For any issues found by community members, we will send reward in OAK tokens.

Note that, prior to OAK Network mainnet launch, the reward tokens will be kept in record and issue upon the network launch.

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